The Pioneer's Luck by JohnnLong

The Pioneer's Luck

Jeweled good luck in your favor. The pioneers who pointed to the West in search of brighter horizons lived a game of chance. Inspired by the silvery age of Colorado, JohnnLong pays homage to the fearless souls who conquered the unknown with our gaming accessory, the Pioneer’s Luck.

Born from the will to explore new possibilities. The Pioneer’s Luck is crafted by casting selected alloys. Each piece is then meticulously hand-polished for a seamless finish. Its precise construction allows fairness and accurate rolls. Carved pips resemble the precious ores that the luckiest explorers were crowned with.

Our love of silver materialized.  Two luxurious versions of The Pioneer’s Luck are offered to meet your demands. Made out of over 25 grams of strong, durable, good-looking Nickel Silver — a traditional silvery alloy made out of copper, nickel, and zinc — our dice is a reminder of the eternal mountains of Colorado on the palm of your hand. Designed with over 30 grams of classic, soft, lustrous Sterling Silver, our deluxe gaming instrument manifests the treasure that each pioneer sought when marching to the Centennial State.

Your gaming experience at the highest level. The top-notch design of the Pioneer’s Luck provides you with a satisfying tactile feel on every toss. Allow yourself to handle a fine piece of jewelry on your table-top adventure.

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